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How To Get Chance The Rapper Tickets | Acid Rap Anniversary

    Chance The Rapper is going on a short tour to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of his album Acid Rap. The Chance The Rapper tour will make three short stops in his hometown Chicago, then Brooklyn, and finally LA. Keep reading to learn more about the Acid Rap Ten-Year Anniversary Shows. In this blog, we’ll

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Will Chance the Rapper Tour in 2022?

Last week (May 28) Chance the Rapper released a new single, “A Bar About A Bar,” along with its cinematic music video companion. The song, with a beat strummed together by a riffing guitar, is a brief moment of storytelling. “A Bar About A Bar,” a realistic scene told in the spirit of “a man

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Will Chance the Rapper Tour in 2019?

It’s nearly here. Chance the Rapper is getting ready to drop his first official studio album, titled The Big Day. We’re not calling it a debut because Chance has been on the scene for quite some time now. We’ve known what he’s about since his first mixtape, 2012’s 10 Day. We’ve been fascinated and enlivened since 2013’s Acid

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Everything We Know About Chance the Rapper’s New Album

It’s been three years since Chance the Rapper dropped his legendary third mixtape, the game-changing Coloring Book. Released in 2016, Coloring Book became the first streaming-only album to reach the top 10 of the Billboard 200. Chance, on behalf of Coloring Book, also received many Grammy nominations, and took home historic wins for Best New Artist, Best Rap Album, and Best

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Woodstock Updates As of 6/11 | How to Get the Cheapest Woodstock Tickets

6/11 UPDATE While those in charge with putting the festival together have been scratching and clawing to do whatever they can to ensure that it can still take place, it’s being reported that Woodstock 50 has now lost its venue in Watkins Glen, who has pulled out. This sadly may be a final death knell

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